Rickenbacker 360 OS

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Jan 172015

1958 Rickenbacker 360 OS


This 15-inch-wide thin-body (2 inches deep) full-size guitar weighs just 6.50 lbs. and has a nice medium-to-thick profile neck with a nut width of just under 1 5/8 inches and a scale length of 24 3/4 inches. Unbound hollow maple body with a “cat’s-eye” or slash soundhole, three-piece maple/walnut/maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard with 21 frets and triangular pearl position markers. Three-piece (maple/walnut/maple) with gold opaque plastic logo plate with black lettering. Individual ‘single-line’ Kluson Deluxe tuners with oval metal buttons (all stamped “D-169400 / Patent No.” on the underside). Two Rickenbacker chrome bar “toaster” pickups with chrome covers and outputs of 7.40k and 7.69k. Two-piece split-level gold lucite pickguard with four screws. Four controls (two volume, two tone) plus three-way pickup selector switch, all on lower level of pickguard. Rickenbacker TV style black plastic knobs with gold diamond inlays on top. The potentiometers are stamped “137 848” (CTS December 1958). Rickenbacker bridge and Rickenbacker tailpiece. The serial number “2T 201” (December 1958) is stamped onto the jack plate. This beautiful guitar is in exceptionally fine (9.00) condition, with only a few tiny insignificant surface marks and a minuscule amount of belt buckle scarring on the back of the guitar. Housed in its original Rickenbacker silver hardshell case with black leather ends and red plush lining (8.50).

Rickenbacker 360 Fireglo

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Jan 162015


Rickenbacker 360 Electric Guitar Fireglo Tone Demo


In this Tone Demo installment we take a look at the jangly Rickenbacker 360 electric guitar. Perfect for British rock and beyond, the 360 has a distinctive biting tone with plenty of body due to its semi acoustic design.