Digitech Mosaic 12 String Effect

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Nov 272014

http://digitech.com/en-US The Digitech Mosaic is a dedicated, polyphonic 12-string effect pedal that can instantly turn any electrified 6-string into a lush, shimmering 12-string guitar. Unlike many similar pedals, the Mosaic’s tracking is precise and natural sounding, with no unpleasant artifacts, and it works perfectly with both single notes and complex chords. It’s also super easy to use, with independent knobs for Level, which blends the effect with your dry signal, and Tone, which controls overall brightness of the effect. It’s ease of use and organic tones will have you thinking twice about dragging your 12-string along to the next gig. The Digitech Mosaic uses an included 9VDC power supply for easy pedalboard integration, and it features true bypass switching to keep your unaffected tone pristine.​