Brunetti 059

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Mar 062014

Brunetti 059 Clean Sound

This new 059 version, born from the evolution of the famous red 059, achieves the goal of every guitar player. It has an amazing sound with an incredible punch, warmth and thickness. We added new features to its basic characteristics to make it more versatile and unique. With twenty different sound combinations, many setting possibilities and all its controls, you’ ll be sure to find the sound you are looking for. The power section is switchable from 20 watts to 100 watts in the new 059 system, exceptional in its field: a double power amplifier that solves every volume problem. The 20W power section runs in class with two EL84 tubes while the 100W section runs in class AB using four EL34s. The ultimate news is that you can choose which amp to use simply with the touch of a button, or by footswitch or Midi, all in real time it is not necessary to change to stand-by or switch it off. Playing the 20W mode you’ll have thicker tones at low volume, while 100W mode will give you massive volume sound. The three channels of the new 059 are completely separated, with a characteristic that few amps have: the gain range of its three channels overlap perfectly, giving you the real continuity from clean to very aggressive overdrive. Channel 1 starts with a very “clean” tone well balanced and defined up to a fat and compressed clean, that reacts fast to your playing dynamics. Channel 2 begins where Channel 1 leaves off with a very controllable gain, great for rhythm parts with a fat and precise sound. Channel 3 is the natural step up from the Channel 2 … pushing out your solo! Solos jumps out of the speakers with a harmonic presence that will let you be heard in the mix, dripping with Brunetti sonic goodness. We’ve retained the TONE REVERSE function, well known among 059 lovers and added new function named PLEXI MODE. This control activates a complex network reconfiguration providing the original sound of the famous British Plexi. The Plexi Mode works on each of the three channels and is midi storable.