Feb 192014

Marshall JVM410HJS review

At first glance, the new Joe Satriani JVM head looks very similar to the stock JVM410H, but look and listen a little closer. You’ll realise just how different this amp is. The reverb pots have been replaced by four independent, studio-quality noise gates, one for each channel and, as specified by Joe, a footswitchable mid-shift button has been added (around 650hz off and around 500hz on).

Tonally, this amp is very different from the stock JVMs. The clean channel is based on the 30th anniversary 6100 when in green mode, with the orange and red modes being hotter variations of that. The crunch channel includes some of the popular AFD circuitry, and the overdrive channels are voice matched for smoother transition between modes. The channels and modes have been re-voiced to Joe’s exact specifications after experimenting with prototypes on tour and during recording sessions.
– See more at: http://www.marshallamps.com/product/amplifier/signature-series/jsh410hjs/#sthash.PIkRrG97.dpuf

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